Video Trends in 2023

by Luanna Leitao.

Video marketing will continue to be one of the most effective content marketing techniques in 2023, just as it was in 2022. These kinds of material are used by businesses to interact with their clients, market their brands, and create leads for their services. There are many different types of marketing videos, and they are typically simple, inexpensive, and effective to produce. They can effectively promote any company.

UGC (User Generated Content)

One of the most successful types of video material is user-generated content (UGC). UGC is seen to be more reliable than branded content by about 85 per cent of consumers. Additionally, 68 per cent believe it to be more appealing and genuine. Why is obvious. If you think about it, UGC has a more individualized feel.

Creator-generated content has risen on video-focused platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube with additional choices for amplification, where the user's platform knowledge comes first and the ability to influence an engaged audience is a nice-to-have. Everyone who makes content on the internet, from casual users to professionals, amateurs to experts, is a creator, completely changing the definition of what user-generated content is today.

Interactive Video Creation

Be prepared for cutting-edge content formats, such as interactive augmented reality!

Traditional videos lack the excitement of interactive videos. The Interactive Video allows the audience to take part in the narrative, which is a key distinction between the two. Interactive videos provide viewers the chance to alter the outcome of the narrative or give the video instructions for what to do next. As a result, audiences no longer simply watch. They are integrated into the experience when using Interactive videos.

In 2023, keep a watch on AR's development. Currently, the feature frequently resembles an immersive digital experience, best exemplified by the filters and lenses available on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. As your brand targets younger customers that are eager to use new technology, this material is extremely crucial.

Organic Video Messaging

Digital communities will continue to flourish because they add a human element to our online spaces as individuals slowly recover from the pandemic all across the world. With these growing communities, brands must make sure their video content seems natural and speaks to each platform's audience. Taking part in new dialogues and trends as they emerge is one method to do this. Your brand can establish a presence through your content in social communities by producing relevant content. Additionally, by participating in these entities, you may improve your communication with your audience and prepare your next social media video marketing material.

Branding your story through video content

Videos telling your brand's story are a terrific way to stand out and reveal the human side of your company. People are curious about how you operate, what makes your business unique from others, and how you solve issues.

When you make brand story videos, be sure to include information about who you are, when your company was founded, where you are located, what you offer, and how it benefits customers. You can also describe your values and the ways in which you maintain the privacy of your clients. Typically, a strong brand story lasts between 60 and two minutes. For a brand story video to be engaging, memorable, and shareable, a video length of about 90 seconds would be a safe choice to keep your targeted audience engaged.

360-degree Videos

Technology breakthroughs have allowed us to record 360-degree videos, also called immersive videos. It's simple to take pictures from every conceivable viewpoint. This allows viewers to get a better sense of the product's overall appearance. 360-degree videos can be seen on desktop computers and mobile devices, but they are especially well-suited to the latter. This has benefits for both user accessibility and search engine rankings.

According to a study by marketing dive, 360-degree videos can raise purchasing intent by 7%. Use this newest marketing trend to your advantage if you want to raise conversion rates and increase sales. The viewer has more control over their experience and may select the content they wish to see thanks to 360's increased interactivity. Because of this, the audience is significantly more engaged.

Understanding how video will fit into marketing and design goals is crucial, even if you aren't a videographer. It will probably keep expanding as a part of your web marketing plan. When you want to interact with users in a way that they find highly engaging, video can be used in website designs, in social media, and as a stand-alone form of advertising. To keep up with the most recent social media video trends in our ever-evolving digital world, be sure to connect with our creative team at Yonge & Eist who will help you stay up-to-date with what's popular and what isn't to help your brand standout from the rest.



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