YE x European Union

An Experiential event

While Canadians are aware of some products from EU member countries, they do not identify them as “European products,” and there’s limited awareness of what signifies as a ‘GI’ product.
This project aimed to increase Canadian awareness of authentic European products offered in Canada while showcasing the unique appeal of EU agricultural products, particularly those with Geographical Indications (GIs).

Centrepieced by a vibrant Christmas Market Activation held at Stackt Market in Toronto, we leveraged the “Enjoy, it’s from Europe” campaign, blending storytelling with educational and interactive experiences. Throughout the activation week, passers-by were treated to samples of European GI products, and the public could register to participate in a free charcuterie board workshop - and experience the heart and soul of these products and their place of origin.


Our agency was contracted for the EU Policy and Outreach Partnership in Canada, focusing on the EU Products Campaign.
The project's centerpiece was a vibrant Christmas Market Activation held in Toronto, aimed at showcasing the unique appeal of EU agricultural products, particularly those with Geographical Indications (GIs).


Our two-month campaign culminated in a week-long Christmas Market Activation. This included: Pop-up booths offering tastings and demonstrations of EU GI products. Engaging and informative charcuterie board demonstrations, highlighting EU foods' premium quality and sustainability. A comprehensive social media campaign, supported by influencers and media partnerships, to amplify our message and reach a diverse audience. Production of a highlights video and photo album to capture the essence of the event.


The event successfully enhanced the visibility of EU products in Canada, forging new connections between European exporters and Canadian consumers. Our approach not only educated but also created an experiential journey, allowing attendees to appreciate the heritage and quality of EU products. This event has set a benchmark for future activations, potentially scaling across Canada.

In March 2024, our project was honored with the Muse Award for Brand Engagement in the Event: Experiential & Immersive category. This prestigious recognition affirms our commitment to delivering innovative and impactful brand experiences.

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